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A Word from Blair: Preppy Outlet Unique Finds!

Posted by Blair on

Hello Preppy Crew!

As I'm sure all of you Lilly Lovers know, Lilly Pulitzer is no longer making the following:

  • Strapless Dresses
    • Swimwear
      • Black Cocktail Dresses
        • Polos
          • Belts


Under certain circumstances, Lilly Pulitzer can be almost an investment of sorts. Especially once the items you are purchasing are no longer being made! So when I tell you that you can get a unique item, that you possibly wont be able to find anywhere else, AND at discounted prices starting from 40%-75% off, can you really pass it up?!


Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there is nothing better than owning an adorably cute outfit no one else can have. Must be the little kid in myself that doesn't want to share. How many times have you or a friend said, "OH MY GOSH, I love what you have on! Where did you get it?!". I'd say more than a few I right? Then a week later all of your gal pals are rocking your style. Well you can avoid the awkward party meet ups where you and a few ladies have on the same get up if you are buying an item you can't find anywhere else

All items are limited so I highly suggest you get to shopping before it's all gone!

Treat yourself! 

Happy Shopping!